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About Me?

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Bwak! #

My name’s Adithya, short for Datta Adithya, and I’m a student at Vellore Institute of Technology. I like working on stuff that doesn’t involve mindless key hammering, and mostly involves wiping tears from my eyes at 3 AM in the night while praying to a god that I don’t believe in.

It’s a lot of fun working on simple applications and web applications, and I love fiddling around with relatively obscure technology. Recently, I’ve been researching on Software-Defined Networks and found it interesting enough to make a project on. It’s also partially the reason I finally got around to setting up my blog using Hugo & Congo, since I wished to share my progress on what SDN has to offer.

Something else that’s cool is that I’ve been the President of the Open Source Community at my University, and have run over 30 events, featuring guest talks, sessions on Open Source Software & Tools, CTFs, and Seasons of Code. I’m an active Open Source Contributor and enjoy organizing events that introduce concepts and opportunities to students and those who have an interest in development.

So far as introductions go, I hope that was half-decent. If not, well, I’ve hit Ascendant 1 in Valorant and maybe my resume might help for more serious stuff.

Datta Adithya G V
Datta Adithya G V
I do things sometimes, and then I question why.